Mobile Conquesting Ads

  • Target your potential customers on their smartphones and tablets!
  • Place a virtual “fence” around the geographic area you want to target with your advertisements.
  • We place your ads across over 15,000 premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing all within your desired geo-fenced area.
  • Geo-Conquest around your competitors… letting their customers know you are nearby using dynamic ads that automatically update showing the distance to your business.
  • Example: If your biggest competitor is Wal-Mart, we can put a “fence” around the Wal-Mart region so your ads appear on customer’s phones as they get close to Wal-Mart… informing the customer about your business instead!
  • In addition to geo-fencing we add layers of targeting categories matched to your customer profile…with your ads showing only on phones of customers your business targets.

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