Facebook & Instagram

“If I have a Facebook company page – why do I need to do Facebook advertising?”

  • According to a study by socialbakers.com, on average only 2% of your fans will see one of your posts on their Facebook page.
  • Carousel ads are 10 times better at getting people to click-through compared to static sponsored posts on Facebook”… source: Digiday
  • FTR Decode targets  potential customers on Facebook and Instagram in their News Feed with your display or video ads...including carousel ads, local awareness ads, lead generation ads, event response ads, and video ads.
  • Your ads on Facebook and/or Instagram are based on your customers’ demographics, interests, behaviors, or your list of email addresses or phone numbers.
  • One FTR Decode client sold 3 of the 5 vehicles displayed on their Facebook carousel ads the first week of advertising!

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